LUXUS means Luxury

In a market where potential consumers are constantly on the look out for the next big thing, embracing innovation is the only way to stay ahead of the game. 

Born out of the rapid advancements in 3D imagery and 360-degree photography in the 2000s, 2018 is set to be the year that virtual reality (VR) technology entered the mainstream and takes the world by storm. Once thought to be the work of mere science fiction, the momentum for VR is quickly growing – and it’s here to stay.

Outside of the common applications for virtual reality in entertainment, healthcare and education, VR technology has the potential for completely revolutionizing digital marketing moving forward.

Beyond question, it will also make an indelible impact on the way properties are presented in the luxury marketplace for many years to come.

LUXUS is the first Luxury Monthly Lifestyle VR Magazine on Oculus platform with a focus on Luxury Real Estate, Yachts, travel and Private Jets.


Real Estate

From Las Vegas To Dubai, Walk in the most luxuries real estate listings in the world.


Its nice to have an invitation to Monaco’s private Yacht shows…

Private Jets

From Private Jets to Most expensive first class plane in the world, all in one place.


Experience Paris fashion shows as VIP from the comfort of your living room.


Thinking about your next destination? Luxury cruise, Maldives or a luxury cruise to Maldives?


Experience the most expensive restaurants, Lounges and bars in the world.

Platforms: Meta Quest, Quest 2
Developer: 51 Aliens LLC
Designed in Las Vegas with Love!

The Value that LUXUS Brings to Your Listings:

VR Listing is the most advance way to catch the attention of potential home buyers. With Virtual Reality technology, you can facilitate a virtual walk-through that displays everything your property has to offer. This cutting edge technology can be the difference between getting lost in the crowd and getting noticed today…


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