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Immersive Design + Breakthrough Technology

51 Aliens is a design and development company in Las Vegas. Our main services are VR/ AR development, 2D/3D Animations and web development.

VR/ AR Development

VR/ AR technology allows you to fully immerse your users in interactive experiences like never before. 51 Aliens can help you fully harness the power of the medium. We have proficiency in Virtual Reality production from Design and Development to solution advancement, distribution of the product and training. Our Industry-based solutions includes, but not limited to, In-store Engagement, Employee Training, Virtual Tours (hotel tours, travel information, booking interfaces) and Immersive Entertainment.

2D/ 3D Animation

51 Aliens maintain a team of some of the most creative minds in the industry. Our teams of animators, modelers, and concept artists can bring even the wildest ideas to life. We create promotional materials that are visually stunning. Close communication between our design studio in Las Vegas and our clients ensures that the final product is a full realization of the project’s initial vision.

Web Development

51 Aliens knows how to build a perfect website! Including great user experience and animations at the front-end and reliable back-end solutions. We design web based interfaces that help tell a story and boost brand performance. We can help you to engage consumers across the digital landscape with an astonishing online branding.

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