You are not really here!

You are not really here!

The forest enveloped in silent darkness and John felt the shivers down his spine.
He had ventured into the woods, seeking solitude, but…
what he found was a nightmare beyond his imagination.
A blinding light sliced through the darkness, and Johns heart leapt into his throat as a monstrous craft descended from the sky.
Out of the hatch poured a grotesque creature with jagged teeth and twisted limbs.
John tried to run, but his legs betrayed him, frozen in fear. They approached him…
Their voices echoed in his mind “It’s just a dream,” they whispered, their voices blending into a chorus “You are not really here.”
Johns mind shattered under their psychic assault. He was transported to a surreal realm, where reality warped and twisted like a nightmare.
The aliens probed his mind, teared apart his memories and rearranged them into a grotesque mosaic of horror.
Days turned into weeks, and John lost all sense of time. He was trapped in a never-ending cycle of torture, unable to escape that insidious grasp.
The more he resisted, the stronger their hold on him became, driving him to the brink of madness.
His mind was weekend under their sadistic games. They whispered in his ear, their voices dripping with malice.
“It’s just a dream,” they taunted, their laughter echoing in his mind. “You are not really here.”
Johns will to survive flickered like a dying flame. He screamed with his last breath and broke free from their mental grip,
only to find himself trapped in a surreal nightmare realm with no way out.
As John stumbled through the warped landscapes of his own mind, he encountered distorted reflections of his own fears and regrets.
He battled with his own demons, the lines between reality and illusion blurring beyond recognition.
In a desperate bid for escape, John confronted the aliens, They mocked him mercilessly… their voices a twisted symphony of madness.
Their cries of agony echoed through the nightmare realm as John unleashed his wrath, fueled by a desperate need to survive…
but soon to realize he had become a part of the nightmare realm himself…
He was lost in that vortex of darkness…
Suddenly all his memories of reality started to slip away into the void…
all but that echo: “It’s just a dream…”
You are not really here…
It’s just a dream…
You are not really here…
Welcome to the Void.

You are not really here!
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51 Aliens – 2023